The Right Angle

We’re here to share stories about our great team as well as media news and analysis, from our acute insights on emerging best practices to quick takes on obtuse trends. We shoot straight and aren’t afraid to explore the intersection of media and real life. Look to Lewis Media Partners to always provide the Right Angle, with the highest degree of authenticity.

Using Skai to Drive Better Results

As the digital landscape evolves, media agencies need advanced tools and platforms to optimize digital media buys, and work as efficiently as possible. In 2022, we invested in Skai, a omnichannel platform used by performance marketers, to achieve better results for our clients and to give us a competitive edge over our competitors.

Mobile Performance: The Key to a Website’s Success

With the meteoric rise of mobile device usage now surpassing desktops, Google has adapted its search algorithms to cater to mobile users, including shifting how indexing happens and rankings are derived. If you are looking for help with mobile SEO or have other SEO questions, reach out to the team at Lewis Media today.

Who's Up For A Movie?

Movie theaters have always provided a source of escape for the audience. As the story unravels on the big screen, the audience shuts out the world for a couple of hours. 2/3 of the U.S. population watches movies in the theater.

Reaching Gen Z Through Trending Apps

Today, Gen-Z makes up the large majority of social media consumers. These individuals, born after 1996, are trendsetters — constantly looking for new fads and content to feed their almost insatiable appetites for entertainment.

Shifting TV Habits & Media Strategies

Most homes have a television, some even have several. But the way consumers watch television is changing, and has been changing for decades. As such, reaching consumers with ads via their televisions is changing too, and advertising agencies have to adjust their strategies accordingly. 

Media Mix Modeling, How We Crack Your Business’s Unique Code

At Lewis Media Partners, we are integrating media mix modeling (MMM) as an integral part of our attribution solution. MMM is a statistical attribution model that provides a holistic picture of what factors affect business outcomes without compromising privacy.

Is the Future of TV Headed… Backwards?

Binge watching a series quickly became the new normal. However, the pendulum of TV today is quickly swinging the other way with the massive rise in FAST services available. In many ways, with the advent of FAST services, TV is moving back towards the linear model...

LMP Twenty Five Years

In two and a half decades, Aurelia Lewis has built Lewis Media Partners into a well-respected media agency. The team is composed of the best and the brightest (including her two, now adult daughters), able to blow our competitors out of the water with our creativity, technology, and attention to detail...

The Importance of The Fundamentals of Media Planning

The media industry is changing by the day, literally. Google and Facebook are both known to adjust their algorithms daily, and sometimes even more often than that. Linear television viewership is declining...

OpenAI - How it will change digital marketing forever.

In our day to day lives, automation can be the name of the game. Our phones automatically correct typos as we text. We no longer have to type in phone passwords thanks to facial recognition. Our emails nearly write themselves with suggested text. We reorder our frequently used household items by talking to a tiny speaker in our home. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has drastically changed the landscape of many aspects of modern life. And when it feels like your phone is reading your mind when it presents you ads for something you’ve barely given conscious thought to needing… it should be no surprise that AI is involved there too. AI is making its mark on online marketing, just like it’s making a mark on your life generally. In particular, AI is quickly becoming an integral part of the Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing industry, and its impact is only expected to increase in the coming years.