Using Skai to Drive Better Results

As the digital landscape evolves, media agencies need advanced tools and platforms to optimize digital media buys, and work as efficiently as possible. In 2022, we invested in Skai, a omnichannel platform used by performance marketers, to achieve better results for our clients and to give us a competitive edge over our competitors.

Skai is a sophisticated platform that focuses on automation, insights, and optimization — bringing together the power of machine learning and data analytics. By utilizing Skai, we can unlock a range of benefits to elevate the performance of the search campaigns.

LMP leverages these tools among many others within Skai:

  • Portfolios automates bid optimization.
  • Automated Actions makes changes at scale and more efficiently (changes at the campaign, ad group, and ad level as well as budget and bid strategy targets).
  • Search Term Analysis provides insights into keyword performance trends. This includes identifying low-performing search terms that should be added as negative keywords. This tool also discovers new high performing search terms that align with the campaign goals and should be added as keywords to help increase reach.
  • Budget Navigator assists with performance forecasting and optimization of investments through portfolio optimization.
  • Integrations of relevant data sources for data-driven decision making.
  • Experiments enable the execution of A/B testing as well as pre/post tests for major changes in bidding strategies, landing pages, or other creative tests.
  • Activation HQ and Executive HQ assist with finding top action items to address, potential opportunities, and performance alerts.
  • Pacing Monitor ensures our client’s campaigns are on track with their goals giving consideration to budget, conversions, or revenue for the month.
  • Audits are completely automated and eliminate risk for human error which saves time and can be customized to our own standards and best practices.

Case Study

For a large finance client with a nationally-targeted Google campaign, we onboarded Skai in October 2022. Just one month later, in November of 2022, we immediately saw a 22% improvement in cost per acquisition (CPA) in the campaign. Over the longer term, from November 2022 - August 2023, comparing performance to the same time period the year prior (YoY), we saw a 59% improvement in CPA.

For that same client running a Virginia-targeted Google campaign, in November of 2022, we immediately saw an 18% improvement in CPA in the campaign. For November 2022 - August 2023 comparing YoY, we saw a 34% improvement in CPA.

At Lewis Media Partners, we balance expert know-how earned from years (and for many of us, decades!) of experience, with cutting edge tech for efficient, data-driven optimization that delivers results. We periodically test new tools, programs, and tech to see if they can improve the results we’re getting for clients. As with most of our strategic decisions that we make for clients, we don’t adopt new platforms unless they prove that they can earn their keep. Skai earned a place in our agency because it’s proven to us time and again that it can improve key performance indicators (KPIs), not just by a percentage point or two, but by leaps and bounds.

Business owners often don’t have the capacity to invest in the state-of-the-art advertising tools that we invest in here at Lewis Media Partners. If you’re trying to manage your ad campaigns in-house, or aren’t seeing the results you are hoping for, reach out to our team. Let us develop a data-backed strategy for you, to help you meet your business goals, so that you can focus on what you do best and leave the ad campaigns to the experts.

Posted on 
October 26, 2023