Research & Discovery

Getting to know your audience(s) so that we can drive greater efficiency.

Small enough to be agile, but big enough to work with industry leaders

Effective media strategies start with a clear understanding of your audience, what matters to them, and how they behave.

But the reality is that most middle-market businesses cannot answer that question.

We help clients better understand their target audience by marrying their first-party data with our third-party research tools. It's the critical work we do before any buying can begin to ensure we’re responsible stewards of your marketing dollars.

Our Research & Discovery Services

We’re trained at extrapolating data from multiple sources. It's this foundational work that helps us understand your audience's journey and how to reach them.

First-party Data Extrapolation
Third-party Research
Competitive Research
Consumer Research
Consumer Insight

"You can depend on Lewis Media to perform, to be responsive, to guide and execute if needed. As a large brand, I was drawn to this smaller gem of a shop because they have an experienced big agency background without the ego and bureaucracy of larger agencies.  To top it off, they were seen as a tremendous value by my CFO."

Pam El - Former CMO, NBA

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So much more than hands on keyboards.
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Expertise with a tech stack to match.

Expertise In Action

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