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Unleashing the Power of Resonate: A Deep Dive into Our Media Tagging and Audience Strategies

February 12, 2024
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After years of speculation, third-party cookie depreciation has begun, and programmatic advertisers will be forced to adapt. In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, understanding your audience, the purpose of cookies, and the cause for privacy concerns, is crucial for creating impactful and targeted campaigns. In our search for tools to help us navigate a cookie-less future, we came across the Resonate Ignite platform.

Resonate contains a multitude of features and capabilities that have revolutionized how we plan and run our media campaigns. From the conception of our campaigns to execution and post-campaign learning, we’ve incorporated this super-charged consumer insights platform into our campaigns to make us smarter and more prepared for the future. We know that to create an effective media plan, we must understand our client’s target audience. And not just on a superficial level. We need to know who they are, what they value, where they’re spending time online, and consider it all in the greater context of the campaign. Resonate provides us with these insights, when often our clients don’t have these insights themselves.

Through Resonate, we now have access to insights like psychographic values which help to inform creative development for our partners. We can leverage data-backed trends about the best streaming platform to use to reach our target audience. For example, if our clients ask us “the composition and indexing of “women age 65+ living in the Richmond DMA who watch television from 7-8 PM,” we can give them that information.

Resonate allows us to offer bespoke consumer insights for our clients. This blogpost will dive into the advanced features within the Resonate platform and how we use them to ensure success for our clients.

Media Tagging: Unveiling the Power of Insights

Impression Tags: Aligning Targets with Audiences

In the dynamic world of digital media, impressions matter, but what matters more is knowing if you are reaching the right audience. Resonate's Impression Tags allow you to dive deep into the demographics of your audience. Want to know if your target audience is over-indexing with Hispanic TV networks? Resonate has you covered. This valuable insight enables us to tailor your content and ads accordingly, ensuring that your message resonates with your audience.

Click Tags: Crafting Engaging Creatives

Understanding who engages with your ads is vital for optimizing your campaign strategy. Resonate's Click Tags provide insights into the difference between users who engage with your ads and those who are merely served impressions. Moreover, it helps identify other platforms where you can reach this engaged audience. For instance, are your engaged users also active on Reddit? Tailoring your creative to align with personal values can boost engagement and click-through rates.

Resonate Audiences: Navigating the Privacy Challenge

In an era where privacy concerns are at the forefront, Resonate's audience feature proves to be a game-changer. As platforms restrict targeting options, Resonate allows you to supplement your campaigns with audiences that might be unavailable otherwise. We've successfully utilized Resonate audiences for clients with niche target groups, such as "parents not contributing to a 529 savings plan with children aged 14 and under." Additionally, for healthcare clients struggling with privacy and health data restrictions, Resonate helps target specific health-related audiences in a fully HIPAA-compliant method. Resonate generates these audiences from directly observed online events and continuous research in their National Consumer Study. Unlike other consumer trend platforms that typically update their data twice a year, Resonate’s data refreshes 18 times annually. This ensures that the insights are not only accurate but also reflect the most up-to-date trends and interests.

First-Party Data – CRM: Unlocking Endless Possibilities

Resonate goes beyond media tagging and audience creation; it empowers us to make the most of first-party data through CRM integration. Here are some compelling use cases:

  • Acquire Similar High-Value Users: Identify and target users who resemble your high-value audience, maximizing your chances of acquiring valuable customers.
  • Increase Retention and Loyalty: Tailor campaigns to enhance customer retention and loyalty by understanding what resonates with your existing audience.
  • Discover Upsell Opportunities: Identify opportunities to upsell to your existing customer base, increasing customer lifetime value (CLV) in the process.
  • Validate and Discover Target Audiences: Validate your target audiences and discover new ones based on historical views and continuous analysis.
  • Understand Audience Movement: Gain insights into how your target personas move across your site funnel, allowing for more informed marketing decisions.
  • Convert Cart Abandoners: Craft targeted campaigns to convert users who abandon their carts, maximizing your e-commerce revenue.
  • Media Planning Across Channels: Analyze onboarded segments against media insights for comprehensive media planning across all channels.

In conclusion, Resonate stands as a beacon in the sea of digital marketing tools, guiding us to deeper insights, better engagement, and more effective campaigns. At Lewis Media Partners, we harness the power of Resonate to ensure that your message not only reaches but resonates with your audience, driving success for our clients in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Walter Mann