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Lewis Media Twenty Five Years

March 1, 2023
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Twenty-five years ago, Aurelia Lewis had built a successful media career at The Martin Agency and had two beautiful little girls at home. She found herself torn between the career she had worked so hard for up until that point and the desire to spend more time with her young family. As many of us know, the time we have with our children when they are young is so brief, and in many work environments, the expectation is that time at home is sacrificed for career growth.

Aurelia’s need for a real work/life balance in her own life, set her on her own path, leaving the career she knew behind in favor of a more balanced approach. One that allowed her to be a wife, mother, friend, and still have a career she could be proud of. What she did, however, was something much greater than she initially set out to do. What started as a one-woman show, quickly grew under her expertise and guidance to become Lewis Media Partners.

Fast forward a quarter of a century, to present day. Aurelia shared a version of her story with me (Suzanne Shaw, Lead of Ad Operations) the first time we met. I was, at the time, a stay-at-home mother who had left a decade-long career in digital media because I had two young boys at home. After some time, my boys grew a bit older, and the idea of returning to work became more tempting. But could I have both? The age-old question for many… “Can you have it all?” Spoiler alert: I chose to build the next phase of my career at Lewis Media Partners because here, the answer is yes!

It starts from the top. Aurelia’s genuine love for her life outside of the office, her time with her family, and her drive to continue to develop LM, pushing the status quo, inspired me. She models the work/life balance many of us aspire to and has built the ability for her team to “have it all” into the very fiber of the business. Over the years she’s given her employees the gift of a successful, rewarding career without the dreaded “Agency Hours.” As a result, we’re able to be successful, both in and out of the office. Her leadership encourages us all to learn, evolve, and, have a life outside of the office! Many employers will tout a work/life balance, but I can say from experience that Aurelia delivers it in spades.

In two and a half decades, Aurelia Lewis has built Lewis Media Partners into a well-respected media agency. The team is composed of the best and the brightest (including her two, now adult daughters), able to blow our competitors out of the water with our creativity, technology, and attention to detail. When others are merely humming a tune, we at LM are playing a symphony – just not after hours.

Suzanne Shaw