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Why a Media Agency Can Be Your Most Critical Partner

June 25, 2020

Lack of leads. Lack of foot traffic. Lack of sales. And lack of brand awareness.

These are just some of the ways in which COVID-19 is affecting businesses every day. But you already know that.

The pandemic has pushed advertisers to rethink how they need to jump start their business and reengage with their audience at a lower cost. The overwhelming media choices, real-time changes in consumer behavior and media habits, and resulting cost fluctuations have created a lot of uncertainty among clients regarding where to place advertising dollars. You know that, too.

But you may not have yet realized that now is the time to stop trying to figure it out yourself. Sure, the lures of DIY platforms and forgoing agency fees are tempting. But engaging an expert can save you the frustration of teaching yourself and the heartache of making the wrong choice — especially when budgets are under added scrutiny. In fact, the fees you may be debating paying agencies are well worth it, because in the long run, buying media more efficiently and effectively saves you money.  That’s just one of many compelling reasons to seriously consider adding a media partner (or keeping one) — now more than ever. Here are some other important considerations…

  1. We can strategically place your advertising dollars to deliver maximum impact at a lower cost. Think about stock trading… stocks go up and stocks go down. In many ways, we are like a stock trader. We know the broadcast inventory.  If clients are pulling out of TV due to COVID, then guess what? There is more inventory available at a cheaper rate.  We know when to buy.  During COVID, we have seen a shift in viewing habits.  Not only are Americans continuing to watch prime programming, but they are also watching throughout the day.  And daytime TV is cheaper!  When life gets back to normal, then we will advise you on when to make the shift back to prime. (And one more thing: one way buying media is unlike stock trading is that inside information is a good thing. Our team works hard to cultivate relationships with sales reps locally and nationally, making us among the first to know about approaching trends.)
  2. Our channel specialists are in their channels every day, optimizing performance and making daily adjustments. You want a company who has dedicated channel specialists, because again, their expertise and knowledge of the platform can save you money.   For instance, our specialists are now seeing very efficient CPMs with digital video.  Right now on YouTube, you may get 10x the additional impressions that you received two months ago.  That’s 10X more people seeing your ad. That’s also an actionable insight that wouldn’t come across your radar if don’t have an expert media partner flying beside you.
  3. We can feed your data into our business enterprise dashboard to quickly show your advertising dollars are impacting your business. With the data that we are collecting, we can quickly show you if adjustments need to be made by shifting dollars from channel to another.  We can show you how your creative is performing and the content that has stronger consumer engagement.  That way, you don’t have to sit and wait for a month or so to see if you advertising dollars paid off or not.
  4. We have the technology. Humans can no longer be 100% reliable…you need advanced technology to make faster decisions, to improve performance, and to have stronger targeting capabilities.  A successful media agency will invest in the best, most advanced technology because they are 100% focused on media and performance.
  5. Lastly, we have a process for developing the best strategic approach for a media plan. Too many times, clients plan and buy media based on their personal media habits, and what friends tell them, which is a BAD approach.  By engaging with a media agency, they will do the research, they will understand your audience’s content preferences and behaviors, and they know the right time to deliver your message. Accordingly, they will select the right mix of media channels.

“Right message, right time, and right audience” has always been a media motto, but that simple statement just became a lot more difficult given all of the media choices and a vastly more unpredictable landscape. Invest in a media agency, and you will be rewarded!

For more information, please contact Aurelia Lewis (aurelia@lewismediapartners.com) or Beth Saunders (beth@lewismediapartners.com)

Beth Saunders