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Unified ID 2.0: A Solution for the Cookieless Future

September 15, 2022
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One of our demand-side platform (DSP) partners, The Trade Desk, announced that they have an additional big advertiser on board with adopting Unified ID 2.0 — the privacy-conscious, identity framework spearheaded by The Trade Desk to help address the cookieless future. UID 2.0 aims to offer a solution for a new identity framework for the open internet where transparency and privacy controls, flexibility, and interoperability are prioritized.

We know that Google Chrome will depreciate the cookie at some point in the future, so our industry needs to find an alternative way to leverage user data, while respecting privacy concerns. In addition, cookies are already largely irrelevant on streaming services and mobile apps, but we know consumers are spending more and more time consuming content in these places. With privacy top of mind, The Trade Desk has introduced UID 2.0 as the solution.

“With UID 2.0, an identifier is created from a salted and hashed email address that regularly regenerates itself to better ensure security and aimed at giving consumers more control over how their data is shared.” With large brands adopting UID 2.0, users will start to see the opt-in option presented to them when they visit certain websites. The intent is for users to knowingly opt-in, with the understanding that their identity will be protected by this salting and hashing system.

LMP is proud to partner with The Trade Desk, who has always been a proponent for the open internet. We appreciate that they’ve been working to develop ways to approach identity and targeting in a privacy safe way, and in a way where everyone can benefit (publishers, consumers, advertisers). In order to keep content free for consumers to enjoy, advertising has to come into play, and The Trade Desk’s framework would allow for data to be used for that purpose, while respecting privacy. We’re always staying on top of industry trends and changes and are adapting our strategy and technology accordingly. With changes coming down the pipeline daily, the Lewis Media Partners team remains malleable to help our clients continue to have successful campaigns as identity solutions develop.

P&G is the latest brand to express its support of Unified ID 2.0, the privacy-conscious, identity framework spearheaded by The Trade Desk:

“The consumer goods leader joins ad industry stakeholders, a growing pool of brands, agencies, streaming platforms, publishers, and ad tech suppliers, in the support and adoption of UID 2.0. All seek to implement new approaches to replace third-party cookies with goals to equip consumers with improved privacy controls. In recent months, DisneyAlbertsonsVox Media, and Amazon Web Services have all announced integrations with the identity framework.”

Source: The September 1, 2022 Publication of The Current — The Trade Desk

Tricia Janney