Green Knight Chess Piece - Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

We believe the medium informs the message, and vice-versa. That’s why we often go beyond media and work with top-flight researchers, brand identity specialists, designers, art directors, copywriters and web developers to help our clients stand out in an increasingly noisy marketplace.

Competitive Analysis

Context is everything when you’re launching a marketing campaign, so we comprehensively track competitors’ spending and carefully analyze their messaging. We then provide a customized report that shows how your media spending and key messages compare with those of your primary competitors.

Target Audience Evaluation

At LMP, we continually invest in the most up-to-date tools for identifying and understanding your audience. We harness quantitative data, including ratings, geographic breakdowns, and detailed demographics, as well as qualitative research, such as media consumption, viewing habits and consumer behaviors, to give you nuanced pictures of your current customer and best prospects.

Creative Insights & Recommendations

Ideally, clients come to us at the start of the process, where we can provide strategic and consumer insights to guide the creative. Other times, clients come to us with a campaign and we evaluate it from the point of view of the intended audience and make recommendations. In either case, we always want to work in an integrated fashion with clients and creative professionals.

Goal Setting

Setting broad-based goals like “increasing revenue” or “driving store traffic” often seems like a clear task, but establishing what needs to be achieved a layer or two beneath the main goals can be trickier. We help you determine exactly what you need to do to achieve your high-level goals, then we map out the media and marketing initiatives to get you there.